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Basil Gomez, Adjunct Professor

Degree: D.Sc., University of Southampton , 2005.

Office Location:
Phone Number:
Email: basilg@hawaii.edu


Postdoctoral Research: University of Uppsala, Physical Geography Laboratory, 1981 - 1982

Ph.D., University of Southampton, 1981:

B.Sc., Geography, Plymouth Polytechnic, 1977

Courses Taught

GEOG 303 - General Geomorphology


The focus of my research is on sediment transport, assemblages and attributes. I have a range of cross-disciplinary research interests that include: using sediments as recorders of natural and anthropogenic environmental change; modeling the transport and dispersal of sediment and bio-limiting nutrients and linking marine sediment dispersal with fluxes of sediment off the land; and assessing the effects of past and future climate change on erosion and sediment transport in Pacific Rim steeplands and on high standing Pacific Islands.


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