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Jill Williams, Visiting Assistant Professor

Degree: PhD: 2013 Clark University, Geography

Office Location: Saunders Hall 410
Phone Number: (808) 956-7030
Fax Number: (808) 956-3512
Email: jillmw@hawaii.edu


Ph.D.: 2013 Clark University, Geography

MA.: 2008 University of Cincinnati, Women’s and Gender Studies

BA.: 2003 Bates College, Political Science and Women’s Studies

Courses Taught

GEOG 151 - Human Geography and Contemporary Society

GEOG 436 - Geographies of Peace and War


In my research, I employ a feminist geopolitical framework to study how state actors and agencies negotiate shifting national and transnational responsibilities simultaneously. My current research examines this issue through the lens of state-based ‘humanitarian’ efforts to reduce unauthorized migrant deaths along the US-Mexico border. In this work, I illustrate how seemingly positive humanitarian efforts to reduce migrant deaths actually serve to create a whole range of insecurities for unauthorized migrants. I am particularly interested in the everyday and embodied processes through which state policies are put into practices and their uneven effects on differently situated populations. Additional research has examined the affective and emotive dimensions of political activism and state policies in southern Arizona.


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  • 2013 Jill Williams and Geoffrey Alan Boyce. Forthcoming. “Fear, Loathing and the Everyday Geopolitics of Encounter in the Arizona Borderlands.” Geopolitics.

  • 2013 Vanessa Massaro and Jill Williams. Forthcoming. “Feminist Geopolitics: Redefining the Geopolitical, Complicating (In)Security.” Geography Compass.

  • 2013. Amy Lind and Jill Williams. “Engendering Violence in De/Hyper-nationalized Spaces: Border Militarization, State Territorialization, and Embodied Politics at the US-Mexico Border.” In Feminisms in North America: Identities, Citizenship, Human Rights. Anne Sisson Runyan, Marianne Marchand, Patricia McDermott, and Amy Lind, editors. New York: Ashgate. 156-170.

  • 2013 Geoffrey Boyce and Jill Williams. “Intervention—Homeland Security and the Precarity of Life in the Borderlands.” Antipodefoundation.org http://antipodefoundation.org/2012/12/10/intervention-homeland-security-and-the-precarity-of-life-in-the-borderlands/

  • 2011 Jill M. Williams. “Protection as Subjection: Discourses of Vulnerability and Protection in Post-9/11 Border Enforcement Efforts.” CITY: Analysis of Urban Trends, Culture, Theory, Policy, 15(3-4): 414-428.