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Brian Szuster

Associate Professor

brian szuster

Office: Saunders 413
Phone: (808) 956-7345
Personal Webpage:
CV: Szuster


Ph.D., Geography, University of Victoria (2001)
M.A., Geography, Simon Fraser University (1992)
B.Sc. (honors), Geography, University of Alberta (1986)

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Research interests 

I am interested in a wide range of environmental research including: coastal planning and management, environmental impact assessment and marine recreation. I have studies on-going both in Hawai‘i and at Burapha University in eastern Thailand.

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Professional Experience

I have acted as a consulting environmental planner and project manager on numerous public and private sector projects in Hawai‘i, Canada and Southeast Asia. This includes: environmental impact assessments, natural resource management studies, strategic planning initiatives, and resource development evaluations.



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Other Affiliations